Apwolf Model Wedsel Gray

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APWOLF Model Breaker
This product, which is shipped in appropriate dimensions to the vehicle, consists of 2 6063 T5 Aluminum Profiles with Anodized Coating and the connection brackets of these aluminum profiles.

Portbagaj Suitcase,On-Car Tent,Ceiling Basket,On-Car Stand,Bicycle Carrier,Ski Equipment
products, such as , on your vehicle.

It can also be used in sunroof vehicles. There should be a distance of at least 5cm between the car's roof slats and the sunroof. Vehicles with glass full width of the vehicle roof may experience incompatibility.

Thanks to its mouth equivalent and metal-assisted brackets made of cast metal, it can carry up to 90kg in motion and up to 240kg when the vehicle is in a stable condition. The fact that the product is weight resistant may not mean that your vehicle supports this load, please obtain maximum load handling information from the vehicle manufacturer before reaching the maximum load. Otherwise, the seller cannot be held responsible for the damage.

The equipment required for assembly is shipped with the product.

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