Cross Bar for Opel Combo (D) 2012-2018 Roof Racks Car Top Luggage Carrier Rails GREY

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FLY Model Roof Racks Cross Bar

Product Purpose,

It is used to carry loads on your vehicle. It is
required for the installation of bicycle carrier, ski carrier, Roof Box style
products. This product is mounted on the roof rails attached to the vehicle.
This product cannot be used in vehicles without roof rails. It is compatible
with models with a gap between the vehicle roof and the roof rail.

Product Features

The main carrier metal bodies are made of 6063 T5

Surface coating is made by anodising method.
It can be produced in black or grey colour. (Please pay attention to which
colour is written in the advertisement title.)

It has high corrosion resistance.
The heads holding the carrier metal body are made of
PA6 GF30 material with 30% glass fibre additive.

maximum load carrying limit in the vehicle with this product is 75 kg. (Regardless
of 2, 3 or 4 aluminium bars, the legal limit is 75 kg.

When the vehicle is parked, after the installation of products such as tents
etc., a maximum load of 150 kg for the product consisting of 2 aluminium bars,
225 kg for the product consisting of 3 aluminium bars and 300 kg for the
product consisting of 4 aluminium bars is recommended. Higher weights may
damage your vehicle or the product. In this case, the seller or manufacturer
cannot be held responsible, the responsibility belongs to the user. Please
consult your vehicle manufacturer or sales representative to find out the
maximum load your vehicle can carry.

Product Installation

assembly instruction of the product will be delivered to you in the package.

The assembly of the product is simple. One person can
assemble the product without professional support. Unless an incorrect purchase
is made, the aluminium rods do not need to be cut.

Package Contents

2 Aluminium Rods (Fully compatible with the
vehicle in the title of the advertisement)

4 Pieces Aluminium bar
connection kit.

4 Pieces Head Bracket,

4 Pieces Elastomer Head
Bracket Protector

4 pcs Bottom Bracket,
(GF30 PA6 or Electro Static Painted S 235 Steel for some vehicles)

4 Elastomer Bottom
Bracket Protector

4 Bolts (+ or ⬡)

4 Piece Nut

1 Allen Key (if the bolt
has ⬡ head)

Compatibility with Other

To confirm the
compatibility of the product with other products, please check the technical
drawing of the aluminium bar in the advertisement images. It cannot be
guaranteed that it will be fully compatible with any other brand or any other
product purchased from another company.


All parts have a 2-year replacement warranty
against breakage or deformation.

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