Cross Bar For Fiat Doblo 2 2010-2021 Roof Racks Car Top Luggage Carrier Rails Aluminium Grey APWOLF

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The product is sent in the appropriate dimensions for your car.
It shows perfect compatibility, allowing you to get a stylish look.
Package included; It consists of anodized coated aluminum profile and the connection brackets of these aluminum profiles.
The product has the weight capacity to carry products such as Roof Rack Box, Car Top Tent, Roof Basket, Car Mounted Stand, Bicycle Carrier, Ski Equipment.
It can be used in cars with sunroof, the distance between roof strip and sunroof should be at least 5 cm. Incompatibility may occur in the vehicles whose roof is all glass (panoramic).
The car has a load carrying capacity of 90kg in motion and 240kg in stationary state.
The equipment required for assembly will be sent with the product.

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