LPGsiz Dogan – Falcon Luggage Pool 1992 – 2002

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The product is exclusive to the vehicle with the brand / model / year of production and detail information in the advertisement. DO NOT BUY FOR DIFFERENT VEHICLES OR FOR TRIALS!
Luggage Pool products are produced with standard prescription values from scrap-free TPE material. There is absolutely no odor problem caused by the material.
With its durable material and continuously developed pattern, it is robust, does not wear easily and can be used for many years.
Pool edge heights can vary between 3.00cm and 5.00cm depending on the trunk of the vehicle. Especially in SUVs and Commercial vehicles, if the luggage base goes out straight, this product is not suitable for loading material by dragging, as it has the appearance of a pool.
Product material thickness varies between 1.3mm and 1.7mm in the standard model.
The air does not harden or soften in a way that affects usage due to temperature changes.
It is liquid-proof and keeps your luggage as clean as it was the first day, it can be easily washed and used again and again if you wish.
The images in the product advertisement are the same as the product to be sent to you, the patterns are constantly improved to increase strength, so different patterns can reach you in different patterns.

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