Payment and Pricing Process

Payment options: Accepted

Credit and debit cards:

The credit cards used for purchases guarantee safe purchases. The card information used to make the payment is sent from the SSL encrypted page to the payment institution and no card information is stored in our database during this process. Visa or MasterCard have access to your email and payment information and may want to store this card information associated with your email address for future transactions, independent of our website. This transaction is protected by the security practices of your device’s internet browser using Visa or MasterCard, no information is stored in our database.

Payment with PayPal

With the PayPal payment method, the entire payment process is handled by PayPal. On your payment page you will be asked to log in to your PayPal user account. To prevent possible password theft attempts, we recommend that you access it after making sure that this page is indeed from PayPal. Payment is made via PayPal and delivery of the order is guaranteed by PayPal.

Payment Options: Not Accepted

  1.  Payment by bank transfer and EFT
  2.  Cash on delivery

Product Price

Product prices are automatically determined by the integrated system. Prices are periodically updated according to the algorithm of the integrated system.

Payment in Terms

Payment in installments is not possible for credit and debit card payments. Your bank may pay in installments by applying additional interest, in accordance with the banking application, after payment of the order, subject to an agreement between you and your bank. PayPal may offer an internal installment payment option, subject to agreement between PayPal and you.


Price reduction campaigns are run on our site at certain times. Discount codes for use in campaigns are generated through our system. Promotional codes cannot be resold. Only one coupon can be used per product or order. This is also clearly indicated in exceptional circumstances.