Returns & Cancellation

Holiday Return Policy

If the return date of the products purchased on the AcessoryPart website falls on a holiday after the return period has expired, the return period will be extended in favor of the customer by the duration of the holiday. The purchase contract remains valid.

Standard return policy

The standard return policy applies to USA, Canada.

There are a few important points to remember when returning a product purchased online from AccessoryPart:
 – You have 14 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it.
 – This policy only applies to purchases made on AccessoryPart websites. The AccessoryPart websites are:,,,,,,
 – Please ensure you return all connection devices for the product you are returning as you received it with fitting instructions .

Are returns accepted?

Yes, returns are accepted.

Where can I deliver the returned product?

The returned product must be delivered to Veysel Karani Mah. 5.Kültür Sk. No.6 Osmangazi / Bursa / Turkiye. You can deliver with a forwarder or yourself.

Within how many days can I return the product?

You can return the product free of charge within 14 days after receiving the product. Please read the details below for a free return. This period is extended on public holidays.

Under what conditions can the product be returned?

The box has never been opened, the box has been opened and used very little.

Are there surrender costs?

If the item is undamaged and usable, there are no restocking costs.

Are there return costs for the defective product?

No, nothing is paid. The customer can request the free replacement of the defective part or return the product.

I placed a wrong order. Will I be charged if I return it?

Wrong orders fall within the scope of customer regret. If the seller has handed over the goods to the forwarding agent, the shipping costs shall be borne by the customer. If the goods have not yet been handed over to the sender, they will be returned free of charge. Given the order preparation time, the customer must request the cancellation of the order due to an incorrect order within 4 hours after placing the order. Otherwise, when the seller ships the product, the return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. If the customer decides to cancel the order before the seller hands over the product to the transport company and the seller ignores this information email and sends the product anyway,

How to return a product

Step 1:

[email protected] to your e-mail address, send an e-mail with your order number.

Example mail header  : I would like to return my order number 3004.

Sample mail content  : I would like to return my order number 3004 because I am not satisfied with the product. Send me an email with information about free shipping.

Example mail content  : I want to return my order 3004 because the product is not compatible with my vehicle. Here are some sample photos showing the incompatibility. [Appendix 1 photo], [Appendix 2 photo]. Send me an email with information about free shipping.

Based on this request that you opened via email, our account manager will contact you regarding your return request.

Step 2:

Our account manager will send us an email explaining how to ship the product to us.

Step 3:

After the returned product has been delivered to AccessoryPart‘s return address, it will be checked whether it meets the return conditions. The damage is controlled. The contents of the product packaging are checked. If everything is in order, the return will be confirmed.

Step 4:

The refund will be made.

refund policy

If your return has reached step 4, the refund process will begin immediately. The way your refund is processed is based on the payment method you chose when making your order. You will receive the refund 3-5 business days after the refund process has started. If, for reasons beyond our control, a refund cannot be made through the payment method you selected when making your order, you may be asked to provide information for an alternative refund method.