Privacy Policy

Data Control

Data is controlled by Accessorypart Oto Aksesuarları San. ve Tic. LTD. ŞTİ. . Accessorypart, owns the web domains,,,,,, The physical address is “Veysel Karani Mah. 5. Kültür Sk. No.6 Osmangazi / Bursa / Turkiye”.

We attach importance to the protection of your personal data. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (“RELATED LAW”), we would like to inform you about the collection, storage, transfer and processing of data obtained in the context of your use of the “company website” and the purpose of these transactions.

Processing and Transfer of Personal Data

The COMPANY is authorized for personal and use certificates as well as its customers for the use of the Website. Personal data is any data that makes an identified or identifiable person. Such information; may include your name, address, email address or telephone number. Information collected through the use of cookies that does not directly identify you, such as how you use the Company’s website, may also be considered personal data if it relates to the user base and is therefore collected, stored and evaluated individually. Non-personal data is data that can only be aggregated and qualifies as big data.

Your personal data is collected by our company due to the nature of the business, by filling in the information in the product reviews, contact form, order form, support system, inquiry center and contact form. Our company records and uses the IP address of the customers to detect system-related problems and quickly resolve any problems or disputes related to the service provided. The IP Log feature is a basic credential utility, general purpose tools, and complete demographics.

Our company may use the information collected itself or by the companies it partners with for direct marketing purposes. Personal information is basic information that can be useful for communication and communication. Information generated by our company or information provided by the user or information on the company website; They may also be used by our company or its employees in various statistical evaluations, database creation and market research without disclosing the customer’s identity.

Our company may periodically send notifications about campaign information, information about new products, promotions offered to customers and members. Our members can easily change their preference to receive or not receive this information by sending an email to the email address of the website operating in the country in question. Relevant email addresses: [email protected]

The Processing of Personal Data

Our company processes Personal Data for specified, clear and legitimate purposes. In this context, Personal Data may be processed for the following purposes:

· To provide and improve the services offered on the website,

personalize the product and service offering; update, develop according to customer needs, legal and technical developments,

Creating system user definitions specific to the products and services offered,

· To announce new or existing products, services and promotions, to carry out sales and marketing activities,

· Doing market research,

Create statistics and analyze usage,

· Payment of product, service and service costs, collection, choice of collection method,

Advertisements on the Company’s website, which include products and services prepared for the linked personal data and adapted in accordance with its purpose;

· For information about products, services, promotions and promotions,

· To provide solutions to problems that arise while using the site,

To improve the visit, use, transition from page to page and shopping experience on the website, to provide better quality service,

· Taking care of contact / communication,

Conducting the business relationship with the cooperating companies, suppliers, vendors and service providers,

· Reporting in the context of cooperation,

Developing the company’s marketing strategy and making plans,

· Contacting the customer for price satisfaction measurements,

Participation in events/trainings/competitions organized by the COMPANY, presentation of diplomas/participation certificates, determination of winners/gifts and presentation of prizes/gifts,

· Manage judicial/administrative processes, respond to requests from public institutions,

· Compliance with legal obligations in accordance with legal regulations, resolution of legal disputes,

· Investor relations management,

To present the results resulting from this legal transaction in case of merger, division, transfer of the company with another company, in whole or in part,

· To present the members’ success publications to the company’s employees, customers, stakeholders and interested parties,

· Conducting job interviews, assessing applications,

Establishment, performance and termination of the employment relationship/agreement,

· To provide the basic and additional benefits resulting from the employment contracts to the employees of the COMPANY, to evaluate their performance and work,

· Open user accounts for employees,

Create participant registration when participating in an organization on behalf of the company,

Participation of employees in training and creation of certificate forms,

· To ensure the security of the Company website and Applications,

· Analysis of the use of the site,

Create an inventory of personal data,

Reviewing and responding to all types of requests, requests, suggestions, complaints and requests sent through written, oral or electronic media, including requests related to personal data.

The security of the data that may be transferred to the systems of the country or other countries, in particular the countries of the European Union (for more detailed information, please request information from our company) in the performance of the contract, is the foreshadow our company policies and other purposes mentioned above.

Method and legal reason for collecting personal data

Whether the data on current and potential users of the company website is collected in whole or in part automatically, for other reasons arising from the contract or determined within the framework of the communiqué.

Personal data processed without explicit consent

Compliance with APPLICABLE LAW;
We may publicly process the personal information you disclose without your consent and share it with third parties in this context.

If there are provisions in the law that make the processing of your personal data lawful without your explicit consent, we may process it without your explicit consent and share it with third parties in this context.
We may manage your personal information without explicit consent if it is necessary to comply with our legal obligation, including information that is required to be disclosed or provided under applicable law or regulation. We may process your personal data without your explicit consent to establish, exercise or protect a right.

Data transferred from third parties

In accordance with RELEVANT LAW, your personal information may be collected by company employees, corporate officers, legal, financial and tax consultants, accountants, overseas etc. may be transferred to individuals. In the course of business activities, the website community, the cloud computing community, Cloudflare, Inc. ,  PayTR Ödeme ve Elektronik Para Kuruluşu A.Ş.  , Paypal and the institutions with which it cooperates, the educational institutions with which the company cooperates, advertising and marketing agencies and the Person associated with the physical or moral anonymization to present the relevant party’s personalized advertisements. You give your explicit consent to the controller with regard to this sharing.

Data logging from the network server

When you connect to the Company’s website, your web browser automatically transmits the following data (“Log Data”) to our Internet server, the technical information configured for transmission, and then stores the information in our database without your consent:
, connection time , website URL, file received, amount of data sent, browser type and version, operating system, device model, screen resolution, IP address, domain name of your Internet access provider.

This information is the information required by the website for the content you request for technical purposes, and its collection is an unavoidable part of using the websites. Data logging is an analysis of unique statistical data, which can be assumed to improve the website and the underlying technology. Log data is stored separately from other data provided in connection with your use of the Company’s website.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your disk on a web page server. In this way we automatically obtain certain information that you do not give us about your IP address, the way you surf, the operating system of your computer and your internet connection. This contact sheet facilitates Internet usage by storing site-related status and preferences. Contact data sheets are no longer required to retrieve personal data or personal information related to emails. Cookies also cannot be used to run programs or tamper with your order.

We record who stays on the site for how long, to get to know you on different services, to learn about your interests in and out of our services, to improve your experience, to increase security, to measure usage and efficiency for the effectiveness of the services. To offer various discounts and campaigns through cookies, to advertise and promote, to personalize the Company website for you, to provide a personalized experience on the Company website, to improve your navigation on the Company website and in your trading account.

Under no circumstances can the data we collect be shared with third parties without your consent. You can of course always check your consent status for cookies and our website. You can check your internet configuration to access the cookie. You can manage cookies and stop using them at any time through browser settings and other tools. Use your browser’s help function to learn how to change these settings. Please note that some features of our website may not work if you stop using cookies.

Use of social plug-ins in the context of social media

The Company uses social media plugins (“Plugins”), Facebook and Instagram operated by Meta Inc, YouTube video platform operated by Google LLC, Twitter operated by Twitter Inc.

When you visit a page of our website that contains such plug-ins, it is initially active. By browsing the company’s website, you consent to the transfer of data to these social networks. If you are logged in to these social networks, the social networks can link the user’s visit to your account in the relevant social network. If you press the respective button, the relevant information will be sent directly from your browser to the relevant social network and stored there.

For the scope and purpose of data collection, further processing and use of data by the relevant social networks, as well as the settings you can make to protect your rights, please refer to the data protection statements of the relevant social networks. If you do not want these social networks to collect data about you on our website, you must log out of the relevant social networks before visiting our website.

Your rights in relation to your personal data

In accordance with the legislation regarding your processed personal data; Know whether personal data is processed, whether request for information and personal data are processed, the purpose of the processing of personal data and whether they are used in accordance with the purpose, know whether personal data belong to third parties to whom they are transferred, request correction of personal data if they are incomplete or poorly processed, personal data is missing To request the destruction or destruction of personal data, to request the correction of personal data if it is incomplete or poorly processed, and/or from third parties to whom personal data is transferred, data processed exclusively by automated systems are processed, analyzed and transferred to the person himself.

Exercise of rights, application and communication

In your requests regarding your rights set out above under RELEVANT LAWS, the COMPANY’s above address condition will be confirmed in person or in accordance with the law (e.g. through a notary).

Data security

The COMPANY has taken as many technical and administrative measures as possible within the framework of the RELEVANT LAW regarding data security. Information about the measures taken is described in the policy for the protection, storage, processing and destruction of personal data.

Personal data of minors may not be disclosed without the consent of their parents or guardians.

Linking to other websites

The company contains links to other websites. We have no influence on whether the operators of these sites comply with data protection regulations. The COMPANY is not responsible for the content of the linked sites (and the content of other sites to which these sites link) and has no authority to interfere with the content of the linked sites.

“Privacy Agreement” may be amended as necessary to announce changes to our data protection services, for example, to offer new services and to comply with requirements imposed by applicable law.

Service account

No one can access your account unless you are invited. Only in the event of a technical or system failure will authorized COMPANY personnel with your consent access your data for assistance.

Sharing information

Data transfers are not shared with our business partners without your consent and without adequate security.

Backup of data

Your data is backed up daily against possible technical problems.

Report vulnerabilities

Despite our best efforts, no method of transmission over the Internet or method of electronic storage is completely secure. Although the information of world famous data companies is stolen by hackers, we cannot guarantee you absolute security. However, if COMPANY becomes aware of a security breach, we will notify affected users so that they can take appropriate protective measures. Our procedures for reporting violations comply with the Notification Procedure, including email notification or posting a violation notice on our website.

Your responsibilities

 The security of your data also depends on keeping your account safe with sufficiently complex passwords and storing it securely. The company must ensure that the computer, tablet or telephone you use is sufficiently secured.C