For Mercedes GLC X253 2015-2021 Roof Racks Cross Bar Car Top Luggage Carrier Rails with keys locks Alu Grey

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HOOK Model Roof Rack
This product is suitable for models with no gap between the roof of the vehicle and the roof rail.
It is used to carry loads on your vehicle. It is required for the installation of bicycle carrier, ski carrier, Roof Box etc.
This product is mounted on the roof rails attached to the vehicle. This product cannot be used in the vehicle without roof rail. It is compatible with vehicles with a notch on the roof rail for hook attachment.
The maximum load carrying limit with this product in the moving vehicle is 75 kg. (Regardless of 2 or 3 aluminium bars, the legal limit is 75 kg.) The assembly instruction of the product will be delivered to you in the package.
Assembly of the product is simple. One person can assemble the product without professional support. Aluminium bars do not need to be cut, unless an incorrect purchase is made.
Package Contents
2 Aluminium Rods (Fully compatible with the vehicle in the title of the listing)
Connection kit for 1 vehicle (according to 2 aluminium rods as follows.)
4 connection main body, plastic connection equipment with nuts and elastomer protection part
4 pcs Stepped T Nut and Bolt
4 Hook Mechanism
4 Connection Main Body Locked Cover
4 aluminium profile end caps
4 pcs 30 cm Bottom Channel Wick
2 pcs spanner
Auxiliary connection kit suitable for the vehicle model written in the listing title.

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